This weekend I’ve been doing a lot of surfing online, in lack of better things to do. Such as the important things. But I. I’m a procrastinator … and now, I’m thinking that maybe I should have spent 30 minutes on doing my laundry, so I have clothes to wear tomorrow.

So be it.

I’ve been looking at some blogs about New York. We’re a lot of bloggers that wants attention. Or is it just me. Begging for some kind of recognition. Some kind of. I know I’m all over the place at times when I’m writing. And I also know that a lot of my blogs are just ‘bleh’ .. ugh!

But I love to hit the keys on my macbook pro and I’ve loved it ever since it was a pen and a notebook, and I was 7 or 8 and I wrote about what I did in school. Back then it was a journal. A diary. A place where my thoughts eventually developed into these huge secrets.

Anyways, so I’m saying. I’m a blogger. And I’m envious of some bloggers that do it so well.

But. I don’t like blogs that are lacking personality and uniqueness. I want to know right away, why I should read it.
So often I just see fancy pictures of pretty outfits and a few lines describing what’s on the picture. I think they call them fashion blogs.
I rather spend $3.99 and pick up the newest edition of Marie Claire.
I admit. Few of my posts are like that. Like blah! – So that’s why I started thinking to myself, that I need to re-vamp my site. Very soon it’ll be different. Plus. I wanna focus on some of my past posts. There’s some great ones in between.


I did come across a few blogs this weekend that I actually took some time and read: (no particular order):

Edge of the City – “Where urban meets suburban…”
I loved New York – “the observations of an old, new yorker on the new, new york.”
Scandinavian Femme– “A Femme Mix of Recipes, Fitness, Fashion, and all that Jazz”
Cecilie NYC – A danish girl blogs about her life in New York. (in danish)

Take a look …