You’ve got a friend

Today I was looking through some of the videos I’ve taken in NY, found one of a squirrel and posted it on youtube. I always loved the squirrels in New York and I call them ‘my little friends’.

Anyways, listening to ‘You’ve got a friend’ made me think of the good ol’ days when my sister and I was playing. I was around 10, she 8. We were some very imaginative young children and had made our own Indian (like in, the one’s with feathers and tepee’s) camp out of paper and crayons. We spent hours and hours playing out the lives of our Indians, obviously since I’m the big sister I had the chief! Anyways .. it was good times and we were listening to cassettes with music my mom had recorded, I guess back in the 80s.

The one song that always catches my ears and ALWAYS reminds me of my sister and I playing is that song: You’ve got a friend … and in this version:

I love you sis!