Simplifying vol 2

About 6 months ago I was packing up my old life in Denmark. I was excited about finally being able to start a new journey. But looking back .. I wish I had done a lot of things differently..

I had to move out of my Copenhagen apartment. Unlike here in the US, a sublet is limited for 2 years and my lease was up. It was either investing in a new apartment, paying for the moving and all the hassle knowing that it would only be for a few months .. Or I could do what I knew I would do eventually. Get rid of most of my things and move to America! See … I didn’t really move because of the whole visa situation. But I did prepare!

Now I have an apartment. With me from Denmark, I brought 3 suitcases with stuff. Mostly clothes and few items I didn’t wanted to get rid of. And I have 2-3 boxes of stuff in my mom’s house that I’m going to bring with me back in January.

But besides from that: I’m sitting in a pretty empty apartment.
I bought a couch, some area rugs, some cheap tables and two lamps (all of it from IKEA). A few kitchen supplies, an air mattress.
Really nothing big and fancy because I don’t have the permission to live in America yet and I don’t wanna risk having bought and decorated a whole new home not knowing exactly what would happen.

Now .. I’m most likely going to be back in NYC in a month with a visa and a permission to stay here for a couple of years (my Form I-20 says 5 years) and I can now slowly make my apartment into my ‘home’.

But now … hehehehe .. this is silly; I can’t afford it!
Seriously, not for the first semester anyways.

There’s been so many expenses that for now I can only cover living expenses and tuition! It’s all good .. but sometimes I regret not having saved more money or kept some of all the things I did throw out in Denmark! The thing is, being from Denmark .. You really feel that everything over here is so cheap! Going out, entertainment, shopping! You get a lot more for your money! … But now reality has hit me: I’m finally going to be like most other NYers! I’ll be struggling to make ends meet.

First that scared me!!! — But then I realized how liberating it’s going to be … Cherishing what I can afford, loving the fact that though my apartment is not full of fancy furniture and stuff, I have a neat and spacious home.
Appreciate that I’m blessed in so many other ways! – And really enjoy those few times that there’ll be money leftover for dining or shopping!

Being Danish in New York .. that’s a mentality I have to get rid off!

It’s time to make my life more simple … It’s time to be a the NYer I’ve dreamt to be for the past five years!