Me as a F-1 student

So I’ve been in New York for a couple of months now, and it feels so GOOD not having a deadline on when I’ll be shipped back to Denmark.

I was kinda nervous because financially it didn’t look too good, but I’m keeping my head above waters. In the meanwhile I got a roommate; a sweet 22-year old girl from Denmark. She had been following my blog and my other website and wrote me an email, asking if I had an idea for where she could rent a room. I told her I was looking and 1-2-3 she moved in. Though I’ve never really liked the idea of having to live with someone that’s not family, it’s turned out to work really well. We have fun, and get a long really well!
Makes me sad that she’s leaving in about a month! But, as I told her she’s always welcome back – now she gotta ‘a home’ in New York City!

School is going pretty well, as well. I’m attending all classes (Like you’re suppose to, if you wanna get a good grade and not get kicked out) but it’s an unusual situation for me. In Denmark I did most of the studying on my own, since you’re not obligated to attend classes.
I’m getting along with my professors and a few of them are really inspiring! I mean, triple master’s from Columbia is AWESOME!

Anyways, being F-1 student means you’re not allowed to work. Unless you find something on campus. I haven’t yet. I really hope that I can get a good spot in the next semester, so that I don’t have to turn every dime before spending it. But so far – so good! I’m blessed to be here, where I’ve wanted to be for so long ….

Spring break is coming up! I know there’s this thing where students go crazy in Miami — but I’m planning on staying right here (’cause I can’t even afford a one-way ticket to Long Island)

To all of you out there following my blog .. I’m sorry I’m not writing as often as I should .. but life over here has really taking me by surprise. This is real life! I’m no longer the fancy miss big-shot-dane visiting New York …. Nope, I’m the real-deal-student now!