My new dream

I’m so excited that I finished first semester with great outcome. I definitely showed more dedication – the whole ‘mandatory class attendance’ works really well for me (fyi, dk-college not so much)
Still missing one grade (I wonder what’s keeping him) but I got two A’s and one B+ (the professor is a tough grader and doesn’t easily give out A’s)

I wish I could take summer classes but my finances doesn’t allow me to (hey, you just heard me. me wishing to take classes. during the summer. willingly! wow) Next semester will be so much fun, gonna have some interesting classes and this whole ‘getting-a-gpa-above-3.5-puts-you-on-the-deans-list’ makes me really competitive.
Imma show you…

But, now that I’m living my new york dream – I have a new dream, or a new goal so to speak. This ILOVENY.DK site has been a blog for many years but after getting quite the success on my other website Turist i New York I’ve decided to use the same concept and turn this site into a ‘it’s-you-and-me-and-the-city’ online travel concierge thingy. It’ll be in english unlike the other and I’m hoping to gain a lot of followers. I know I will, because the idea is great and I’m pretty fabulous! 🙂

So, stay tune. During the next couple of weeks stuff will be happening. Eventually all of this will bring YOU the help you need when preparing for your trip to NY, etc. and I’ll be proving to the world that the City and I are a perfect match … and dadeedah … I’m going to be working at a lovely little hotel in New York City. (read between the lines: hire me, please, please, please!)