Ok, I should probably have posted this blog last weekend but you know my middle-name is: procrastination:

All the movies I’ve ever seen take place in NYC during the winter months always featured tons of snow.
Back when I was a tourist in February 2009, I brought my winter coat from DK. But I left at the hotel. It was WARM! It felt like one of those lovely spring days that we in Denmark praise about.
During the winter 2009/2010 I wasn’t here – but I remember we got a lot of snow in DK. New York had one huge snowstorm.
Then I moved here winter 2011/2012 and there was snow .. wait, one time? Or was it mere a breeze coming in from NJ? It was a relatively warm winter.
And then !Boom! … 2013, and Nemo comes to pay a visit!

I had the privilege of hanging out with two kids during the day. They wore their nice warm boots – I had decided to wear my Reebok Easytone (they’re great to walk in)  …
We can all laugh about it now, but the snow kept coming down and the more the streets were cleared the worse the sidewalks became. I was drenched!

I love snow, when I can sit inside and look at it. I love snow once all of it has fallen, and the sidewalks are cleared and I can take a walk. I loved Saturday, because it was warm and I walked down Queens Blvd and the snow lit up ….

At the end of it all, I don’t think Queens got hit as much as I thought it would. That, I can be thankful for.

Here’s a few shots I took throughout. For my fellow Danes you can see that my experience of Nemo was merely a regular snow day in Denmark;

During the afternoon, Friday 8, 2013 – UWS
At night time, Friday 8, 2013 – Forest Hills, Queens
Goodmorning Forest Hills, Saturday 9, 2013
Cleared pathway – I can enjoy the snow! Saturday 9, 2013