Love in the City

So, dear readers – this is what happened: I got married!!
I could go into a great deal of details, as I know there’s a bunch of people who are standing shocked and surprised without a clue as to how that happened. But – details are for later when time’s right …

But, as a part of my brand-building of “Turist i New York” I’ve wanted to utilize this blog more often as I know there’s great value in presenting yourself in a less-business-y-kinda-way. And I shouldn’t forget, that is where it all started.

So, what happened? The man I now call my husband, I’ve known since my 2010-visit and I wrote a silly blogpost about him a few months after meeting him. Looking back it’s scary that I knew back then that it was going to be him because trust me – A LOT of not-so-great things had to happen before we could be where we are now. Nevertheless – after a long break, several rather – we decided that time’s right now! Not later.
It was a small, intimate wedding at Queens Marriage Bureau on April 7th, a week before I turned 29. It was him, I and our friend as a witness. It wasn’t suppose to be more than that, because if it can’t be done EXACTLY RIGHT with all the friends and family we didn’t want to try and “make up for it” with something that didn’t feel right. Eventually, a party and a get-together for family and friends will be planned. I’m very happy! He’s my best friend, and he got my back and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. [hearts]

Now, after finishing 5th semester with A’s and a single B+ (had to throw that in there, ps. still on dean’s list) we’re going through the initial stages of Green Card application. If I thought getting my F-1 visa was hard, this is triple times as hard and so much more expensive… We’re talking approx. $2000! But eventually I’ll get the GC, and be able to work and make money while continuing my studies. That is – If I chose to. I have another two classes left in the fall semester and I’ll graduate with a bachelor’s degree. If I continue with a master’s it’s only because it’s the best choice for us financially, and because I found that Queens College have an amazing degree in Urban Affairs that I’m very tempted to pursue… more about that later.

So that’s that for now. I gotta go make dinner ’cause hubby is on his way home <3

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