I love New York

Tiffany Clock Madison Square Park - I love New YorkI love New York, do you?

I’ve been gone for a few years. If you didn’t miss me, you don’t know. But I actually purchased this domain and blogged (in danish primarily) since 2007. After I came to study in New York as an international student in 2012 I more or less gave up blogging. Not that I didn’t want to share the experiences of being an international student in the greatest city of them all; more because I could never really find the time to commit 110%.


The website is being revamped. All of the previous blogs are now private, but some of them will be translated into English and become public again. I believe they do offer great information on life in New York City, and that’s one of those things I want this site to do. Offer information! Give you, the reader, a look into what it means to be a new yorker. Even if you aren’t. I’m not a native new yorker myself but I do consider the city my home and I can’t wait to help you get an even better New York City experience!
So welcome, enjoy all the information you find her and know that I’m working very hard on updating and adding things every single day.
Soon you’ll be able to see a selection of the walking tours, meet & greets, introduction-packages and more that will give you comfort in knowing that you’re in the best hands possible – and that this trip will be awesome! I love New York! And you will too!

Until then, if you happen to read and understand Danish, jump on over to the Danish counterpart: “Turist i New York”

Talk soon,

The Newyawkerr