Baby in New York

2016 will bring …

What happened? My mom always told me that the 20s would be go somewhat fast but once you hit 30 – time would FLY. I turned 30 last year, and ’15 went by so fast I don’t even understand. Last year I graduated, incorporated my business and achieved to travel quite a bit. Towards the end of the year we got some news – we didn’t quite expect from the Indian doctor at our local urgent care facility. See – I had been on 12 flights in 11 days, traveling for work and after a trip to Antigua and St. Maarten, I fell ill. I naturally assumed the headaches and the nausea had to something to do with high altitude, change for environment, time zones or what have you. Nope.
As the Indian doctor said with a wonderful thick accent: “Congratulations – you are pregnant!”

Not necessarily the news we expected, or planned for but so it was an emotional roller-coaster the first couple of days. Until the news settled and I started bonding with the little bean growing inside of me.

So far I am 15 weeks, so in 2nd trimester and over the 24/7 morning sickness – however I’ve been more or less bedridden the last three weeks due to a really bad cold, with an insanely scratchy and sore throat. No, there’s no Theraflu, NyQuil, DayQuil or anything thing else I can take. I’ve done the lemon, ginger, garlic thing and it’s only provided relieve in small amounts.

I still do not know the gender of the baby, but hopefully I’ll know by March 22 when I’m in for my anatomy scan. Even if I don’t, it’s OK. I’ve had a feeling since age 12 that my first child would be a boy. So let’s see if my intuition is true.

I always said, I didn’t want to raise a baby in New York – but we’re so stuck here on good and bad. It’s going to be a tricky situation leaving and where would we go. On the other hand, NYC is what I know so well and to me it’s a great gift to give a child – especially after fighting for it myself so hard – a life in New York. No matter what we decide to do, one thing is for sure: My baby will be a US citizen before I will – and it cracks me up!