Be your own hustler

Green Card in 2014. Graduation in ’15. ’16 life changing circumstances forces the inner hustler to break through.

I guess I’ve always had it but being raised in a different culture with a sense of shared stability and security never forced me to see it.

Now with the baby coming in August, I know I’ll have to prepare as there’s no such thing as paid maternity leave as a general – and in my case as an entrepreneur; not at all! I don’t mind though. Going through 6 semesters as an international student teaches you a lot about life’s struggle and your own capabilities. Now, I just have to save up for my own maternity leave. Which means once I get that done. It’s done! And I deserved it.

This means I’m taking on odd-jobs alongside my own business as a tour guide and online concierge. It also means that I got myself into a part-time position as an administrative assistant at a lawyer’s office – a job that – only 3 weeks in – already taught me skills I didn’t learn during my years studying for my Bachelor’s Degree. It’s pretty impressive. I juggle 4 different job descriptions, yet I still manage to keep up with my Hulu addiction.

This hustlin’ mentality isn’t bad at all … but “no, I don’t have time to chat with you on Skype. And no, I can’t go out for coffee on Monday!”