Dude, my passport expired!

When I turned my nose towards USA with my F-1 visa back in January 2012, I didn’t think I’d stay in New York without ever returning back to DK for visits. Well, years passed by and last summer my Danish passport expired. But I was pregnant and had other things to deal with so … now it’s really expired. I tried to get a new state ID with my married name but because my passport was expired DMV didn’t want to make one for me.

We traveled to Palm Springs, California twice on my old State ID with my maiden name and obviously no ID was needed for Markus as the flight was domestic and he’s under 2.

But now, we’re traveling international baby … and passports are required for both mommy and baby.

My son is automatically an American Citizen so making a passport for him was simple. I googled to find a Passport acceptance facility that also offered photo services. I do have a couple of thousand photos of Markus, but I figured I’d let them deal with taking one that fullfills the requirements. We went to Arlington Branch library in Brooklyn.
I’m beating myself up about not taking any photos of this building – it was amazing! Anywho …

In order to make a passport for a minor, both parents’s signatures are needed. Preferably be present at the same time when passport application is made, or have a notarized statement from the missing parent.

We filled out the application there, had the photo taken and signed the papers. I wanted it to be expedited as the trip I’m planning is coming up on March 1, and American passports can take up to 6 weeks to get delivered. I paid $80 for the passport book, and $60 for the expedited service. I paid $25 in service fee, and $15 for the photo for a total of $40 to the library for their services. This was this pas Wednesday, February 1. I’m excited to see how long I’ll wait for the passport.

Now, my passport needed to be renewed at the consulate as I’m not an American citizen yet. Thankfully we live just a train ride away from the Danish Consulate in New York. I made an appointment by phone (earlier than what they had available online), and went Friday, Februar 3rd at 1PM. Filled out the forms, had a little bit of technical issues with the biometrics and paid the $144 in cash. I told them to expedite it as well but didn’t have to pay extra. They told me the danish passports are in fact made in Denmark and will come in with shipment once a week.

Now I’m patiently waiting to receive both of our passports so that I can book the ticket – and when the tickets are bought make the official announcement that …….. “WE’RE GOING TO DENMARK!” – (I’ll update this post once I receive the passports so you can know the timeline)

My danish passport was applied for February 2, 2017 at the Danish Consulate. I received a call Feb 14, that I could pick it up. I went and got it the day after. $144. Turnaround time: 12 days. No expedited fees. My passport will be valid for 10 years. My photo  looks horrible. But I guess, still a little better than my Green Card’s.

My son’s passport was applied for on February 1, 2017. With expedited service (2-3 weeks delivery). The check was cashed February 10. On February 14, I called to see how far the passport was. They said, they didn’t receive the application until February 9. I believe the library must have made a mistake and sent it out too late. I checked the online status on February 16. It said it would be shipped on or around February 20. I received his passport on February 17. $80 Turnaround time: 16 days. Expedited fee: $60 (total of $140) His passport is valid for 5 years. His photo is cute, but I’m sure he’s gonna look a lot different in a couple of years.

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