Norwegian – Making it a little harder to bring your kid

Dear Norwegian Airlines,

I’ve decided to write this blog post as a letter to you. I hope you find it well-meaning but also encouraging to make changes. As a traveling mother and tourism entrepreneur I have needs that I’d like to be met when purchasing my airfare and you almost lost me as a customer.

I’ve flown twice cross-country with my infant, Markus, utilizing the services of Jetblue. They’re my favorite for various reasons but they don’t fly to Europe. And I was planning a trip to Denmark, after more than 5 years away. I’m adamant about getting a seat for my child after experiencing one horrible plane ride with him as a lap child.

Your website is fine – but when entering my child’s age it doesn’t allow me to choose if I want to purchase a seat for him, or keep him as a lap child. I reached out to your social media team on Facebook who told me to book the ticket for Markus, as if he was over the age of 2, write in a fictive birth date, then contact you to have you change back his age. A little bit of a hassle but OK.
I wanted to upgrade my own ticket to a Low Fare+, to be able to get a suit case with me. I didn’t care too much about the food and the choice of seat but it is what it is.
However, I do not see a reason to get a 6 month old baby a meal, suitcase and choice of seat as he would just have to sit next to me in his car seat. But, your website does not allow of the purchase of one Low Fare, and one Low Fare+. So I reached out to your social media team again and they informed me that I would have to purchase my own ticket online, and then call customer service to purchase the other ticket for him. I  called before I booked my own  – thankfully!
I was told that I would be charged 300 kroner to book over the phone. I told them, it wasn’t by choice but necessity: I wasn’t able to book a regular Low Fare separately for my child online.  And then the connection broke. Surely, my bad?!
Frustrated I just went ahead and purchased two Low Fare+ tickets online and called it a day.

But wait – I did still have to call back, and ask you to change the birth date of my child.

Too much of a hassle, Norwegian! I know you’re cheap, and you did provide excellent service on board but c’mon! I can’t possible be the only parent who just want a seat without all the extras for my infant?

a mother-who’s-going-to-go-through-it-all-again-in-a-month.

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