6 years living in New York City

July 1, 2011 I had my three bags packed and dropped the key to my apartment in the mailbox, closing the door behind me. I had lived in the studio apartment in Amager, Copenhagen for the past two years. Moved there to do a 2-year degree in Hospitality Management knowing that it would just be step on my to fulfulling my dream of living in New York. December 2010, I had applied to college and got accepted. I kind of already knew that my odds were good – and since it was either finding another apartment (limitations on the sublet) or moving back home – I decided to move to NY – on the ESTA! You can’t really do that – and I guess I was fortunate I wasn’t turned away at the customs giving the fact that I had traveled A LOT to NYC.
Anyways – today marks my 6th years of ‘MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY’ and I can’t believe it! It’s been a bumpy ride!

I’m gonna celebrate by taking a walk and enjoying the Queens that I’ve made home ….

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