Palm Springs History

When you think about Palm Springs, you may think 60s style and colorful atmosphere. But, as a NYC Licensed tour guide and a sucker for history and “old days” I had to find out more of the history of Palm Springs.

Downtown Palm Springs, on South Palm Canyon Drive at the Village Green, you’ll find the historical society and the two museums they manage and some other buildings worth visiting as well. The two buildings that now serves as museums are the oldest ones standing in Palm Springs today.

There’s the McCallum Adobe house from 1884, and the Cornelia White house from 1893. Both have free entrances but please consider donating. The McCallum Adobe house is featuring exhibitions of the colorful life of Palm Springs, focused on the film industry.

The Cornelia White house is the home of the pioneer Cornelia White and stands like a home would have by the turn of the century. It was once a part of Palm Springs’ first hotel.

The historical society offers walking tours – and if there’s something I always recommend tourists to do: it’s to take a walking tour! (p.s. says the tour guide offering walking tours in NYC)

Next to the two buildings are Ruddy’s General Store museum which does charge an admission – of a humble 95c. And yes, you’ll get change for a dollar. This general store has about 6000 unopened, unused grocery items mainly from the 1930s and 40s and was a personal collection from Jim Ruddy. It was so much fun, even though I didn’t grow up in the USA I still recognized several brands.

And, Markus my little baby enjoyed the sights of all the houses so much that he eventually fell a sleep in his K’Tan carrier!

Walking back and forth on Palm Canyon Drive you’ll see many buildings and houses with small plaques on it – I recommend you to stop and read them. Get to know more about the heritage and history of this wonderful city of Palm Springs before AND after you enjoy its foods and shopping.

For more information, and please book a tour guide: – The historical society. – I was recommended booking a tour with Jade. I’m looking forward to my first tour. I always want to support local guides who made it their career to entertain and enlighten tourists.

Palm Springs Village Fest


Every Thursday, downtown Palm Springs turns into a “street fair featuring arts, crafts, foods and entertainment” – and it’s so much fun! I’ve experienced it a couple of times before so obviously we went again.


Walking through the streets along with the many, many other locals and visitors alike looking at interesting displays with locally grown foods, handmade jewelry, arts and clothing. Listening to local musicians. Buying snacks and making small talk with different sellers. Also – most retailers as well as restaurants are open so you’ll have a chance to check that out too.

There’s a sense of “small-town” and you feel the community getting together. It’s really cozy and I definitely recommend it. Next time I’m heading back to Palm Springs, you know where to find me Thursday night.

Even Markus enjoyed it. All the lights and sounds had him very curious in the beginning – and then he fell a sleep. Even when we got back home – he slept almost through the night!

Check out the official website for more information:


Peggy Sue’s Diner

I’ve visited Peggy Sue’s Diner a couple of times driving from the Los Angeles area to Las Vegas. It’s roughly a 2 hr drive from LAX, and another 2 hr drive from Las Vegas. It’s located just right off I-15, shortly after Barstow (if you’re coming from LA)

It’s exciting every time! You may not know but I have a thing for American diners. The retro look, the atmosphere .. it’s like diving into a 50s movie. And diner food is just comforting. Granted, not all diners are worth a visit. And I did not have the opportunity to eat at Peggy Sue’s yet – but even if you’re just stopping on your ride, to stretch your leg and maybe buy some souvenirs and some candy – it’ll be worth it! The diner first opened up in 1954, and today still functions as a in-door diner but its store and the Dinersaur park in the back is also very popular.

Read more about it on Peggy Sue’s Diner homepage and make sure to include it in your travel plans!





























Salton Sea

Salton Sea – California

After a long drive from Las Vegas (4.5 hrs) we arrived at the historic Salton Sea in southern California. It’s located just about 1.5 hour drive from Mexico and 2.5 hr drive from San Diego.

The history of Salton Sea is long and complex and what you see today is so very different, than the busy and festive days of the 50s where this was a popular spot for vacationing for many Hollywood stars.

Having a lake or sea in the middle of the desert is for obvious reasons a very interesting sight – though today it seems almost like visiting a ghost town. Due to the high level of salinity fish can not survive in the water. What appears to be white sand on the lake side, is in fact millions of fish bones!

Due to its proximity to many of the popular cities and the unique nature of Salton Sea, I definitely recommend a visit here.

Read more about Salton Sea and the surrounding attractions here:
Salton Sea Museum and Big Boy Travel – Salton Sea

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Bottle Tree Ranch

After arriving in LAX and heading to Las Vegas in Nevada, we stopped in Oro Grande. Here you’ll find a very popular attraction. A man named Elmer collects bottles and glass have have done so for so many years that his collection – and the way he displays it – have drawn visitors from all over the world.

You’re welcome to walk in and walk around his private property. You can also bring a bottle or glass from your home town or country, and donate it in one of the boxes.

This is such a cool spot to play around with your camera and take amazing photos. I had just gotten my Nikon D3300 and I’m by no means a photographer but it was fun just to play and practice.

We also had the honor of actually meeting Elmer. He’s a cool dude.

So, yeah … pay a visit at Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch in Oro Grande, California. See some of the photos I took in our Facebook post. And go follow Facebook now that you’re there 🙂

En ualmindelig interessant stop på vej til Nevada

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Rancho Palos Verdes

We went to the city of Rancho Palos Verdes, only an about 45 minute drive from LAX. It was a beautiful experience, looking at the Pacific Ocean and enjoying the dry heat.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Though they were taking with my foolish little cell phone camera. Definitely have to go back – if nothing else, then for better photos 😉 …

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