Cauliflower Pizza

I’m not much of a cook, meaning I don’t enjoy cooking  just for myself. But I know that for financial and health reasons I should cook more often. So going through a whole bunch of recipes I fell across this one: Cauliflower Crust Pizza If there’s one thing I love it’s italian food. Pizza and pasta, wine, olives … you name it. So I bought the ingredients and I prepared the cauliflower, the ‘dough’, the toppings and while I was at it I also did the dishes so the second the pizza was done, my kitchen looked flawless. – THAT I’m proud of!

At first glance it looks exactly like regular pizza. It taste delicious but next time I probably add more spices. I like my spicy food. Maybe jalapeños would be a welcomed ingredients.

Here’s the pictures to show the progress. I steamed the cauliflower and chopped it with a knife instead of using the grater. It was too messy. I added fresh garlic in the ‘dough’ and didn’t add onion salt. The toppings was green peppers, pizza sauce (only half a glass) tomatoes and fine chopped onions plus some chili powder, basil and black pepper. It took a little longer to bake the crust, since I doubled the serving (it was a huge ‘half’ cauliflower) Approx. 25 min baking and another 15-20 minutes of broiling with the toppings. Bon appetite!



I’m actually pretty impressed by my own skills. Remember, I was also the one that messed up a shake & bake!
It tastes great, and I know what I’ll be serving at my first dinner party for my friends in a few months.

It was relatively easy, didn’t take much work. Affordable as well, and the cleaning was done while waiting for the crust to bake and the toppings to broil.

I’ll give MYSELF 5 stars out of 6 … Reason I can’t give myself the last star is because I should have trusted my instinct and bought jalapeños! Ay, what to do ….

P.s. My roomie gave me ‘Thumps up’!