Congratulations, you’re a new yorker now!


You did it! You, freaking amazing woman! You did it!

10 years ago I arrived in New York City for the first time. I was merely 21 years old. Had never been outside of Europe. Never been on a plane. Continue reading Congratulations, you’re a new yorker now!

Living in NYC – 5 year anniversary

Wow! So today, July 1st 2016 – just about 35 weeks pregnant with a little baby boy; I’m sitting on my POÄNG chair from IKEA, in my new apartment in Elmhurst, Queens – thinking back…. Continue reading Living in NYC – 5 year anniversary

Be your own hustler

Green Card in 2014. Graduation in ’15. ’16 life changing circumstances forces the inner hustler to break through.

I guess I’ve always had it but being raised in a different culture with a sense of shared stability and security never forced me to see it. Continue reading Be your own hustler

6 months later

The story of a transformed Dane

I’ve been a visa-holder in the USA for 6 months now. There’s nothing ‘big deal’ about it, because of all my previous travels I have already spend a tremendous amount of time in the States.
But I feel at home. Like I said I would. I don’t feel homesick, there’s nothing about living in Denmark that I miss. My family, yes! I miss my family a GREAT deal! I hate missing out on my sisters graduations and their lives. I hate that I can’t see my mom when I know she wants to see me. But, besides from that loss – I lost nothing by moving here.

I’m about to renew my lease on my apartment. It’s already been a year since I got it. Still don’t have enough money to completely furnish it, but my super keeps an eye out for me and that way I got a free (and well-maintained) IKEA couch.
I also finally got a real bed after about 9 months of sleeping on an air mattress. I got a good deal on it, from one of the Danish folks over here that had to go back to DK.

It’s been super tough the first six month but I’ve found a way to keep up the good mood and continue my school work. That’s why I’m here after all.


I’m continuing …. That’s the purpose. Keep fighting for your dreams…… even if people shake their heads and say: Naaah, little missy, you won’t make it!