New content, new purpose .. what you’ve been up to?

Danish Tour Guide New York
In 2007 I bought this domain, after having traveled to New York City the year before. The domain and blog was supposed to be a diary of sort which it was for a long time. Then it stopped. More than 300 posts are currently private, as they’re in Danish and will need to get translated and also; well they’re private. They’re of the kind of blogs that you’d find on MySpace or or (that’s where you’d find me back in my teenager-years).
So they’re slightly embarrising and oh, so not relevant!


But the domain name is cool! And every year since 2007 the renewal of the domain has been on Auto-Pay. I did post a little about moving to NYC, becoming an international student and life after having my baby.

During these years I also had a travel site – – which I also kind of neglected updating as much as I wanted to. Alongside my business site and being a mother I just … just haven’t had the time or energy.


Well, things about to change. I decided not to keep the travel site, but instead import the posts from there to this domain. They will need a little adjusting as most of the media is still on the domain which will expire in October. But for now it’s good.

Danish Tour Guide USA

I will focus on my 3 sites as follows:
1) – to Danish tourists traveling to New York City. This is all you need. Follow along here: Facebook and Instagram

2) – in English for both Danish and other tourists traveling to USA. It’ll be primarly as I start off about sightseeing and “What To Do” in New York City, Washington DC and Las Vegas. Follow along here: Facebook and Instagram – same as above

3) – will be in English and will be about the life I created making the move to New York in 2011. It’ll be about being a Danish mom in the USA, being an entrepreneur, and just about my past and future travel experiences. Follow along here: Facebook and Instagram