JetBlueing as much as I can

During my childhood our travels took place by car and camping wagon, car and tent and sometimes trains and hotels & hostels. It was easy as I grew up in Denmark, and we traveled all over Europe. I don’t know the number of times I’ve been to Sweden, Germany and France. I think I went to Italy 7 times. It’s easy to travel by car in Europe.

me and my opel kadett
Me and my Opel Kadett somewhere in Europe.

So it wasn’t until I was 21 years old that I took my first flight. Which was transatlantic. Directly CPH-EWR with SAS. I’ll talk about my experiences with New York the first time in a later post. I flew back and forth thirteen times and once to LA. I flew many different airlines. My favorite was Icelandair with the stop-over in Keflavik in Iceland. Anyways …

When I finally had to start flying domestically I didn’t have a preference. I was going from JFK to LAX and of course I wanted an affordable ticket, but I also wanted a great miles system and not have to add a bunch of extra expenses. I like to chose my seat when I book the flight without seeing the total go up, you feel me?

After asking around and comparing prices for the desired dates I went with JetBlue. Some in my network advised me not to go with JetBlue… told me horrible experiences they had had with them.
Well the price was right so August 2014 I took my first flight with JetBlue. I thought it was GREAT! From the people at the gate, the flight attendants and the amble space surrounding me on a regular seat (not a More Space seat), the free snacks and drinks to the Wi-Fi. Oh dear, I was really pleased!
You gotta understand, when you’re used to flying international the idea of domestic flying makes you feel like a second-class citizen.

The flight back from LAX was just as great and before I knew it – was the only place I looked for tickets. From august 2014 to November of 2016 I have gathered enough TrueBlue Miles to get at least 3x r/t tickets JFK-LAX. I combined my several trips with the American Express card to get bonus miles (now the Barclay card), and I was able to also earn the ‘Lucky Seven’ and ‘Take 3’ in 2015 which all added a nice portion of miles.

I like their Fare calendar and the fact that I was able to get a one-way ticket to LAX on Oct 31 for $31 last year. I also like their social media group who answers my tweets. See below.

But, newyawkerr, is there something you don’t like about JetBlue?
Well! I did have one horrible experience with them flying from Chicago last December. The flight attendants were beyond rude and lacking total clue. It was a completely full flight and I unfortunately only had an option of a middle seat. I usually prefer window seats but it is what it is. This time my middle seat was between two very tall and also heavy-set men. I’m not a small woman myself so obviously this was a little awkward but I joked about it as I was squeezing down between the two. Well, how can that be the flight attendants faults? It was … This was not the men’s seats. They had both purchased ‘More Space’ seats but the flight attendants refused to honor that for whatever reason. To make matters worse, one of the men had an injury to his leg so he was in pain sitting in a cramped space. He had tried to explain that to the flight attendant but yada yada we were still stuck all three of us together. The flight attendant gave us an attitude when the men were trying to explain that for legitimate reasons they needed those ‘More Space’ seats.
Anyways…I tweeted about it and the fact that they replied right away and that the flight attendants finally understood the situation and gave the guy with the injured leg an aisle seat made it almost forgivable. I mean we’re not all on our best behavior every single day on the job. Are we?

Jetblue tweets dec 2015
I also like that JetBlue is New York based. Because I love everything NY. And for no other reason that that … here’s a picture I took flying from LAX to JFK with JetBlue last November.

JetBlue NYC
All in all, JetBlue has satisfied my flying needs and I’m excited to finally use some of my TrueBlue miles when my baby son and I are traveling to Palm Springs later this month. It’s going to be interesting to see if JetBlue is also measuring up when it comes to accommodating me flying with an infant.

Stay tuned … the blog is soon to turn into everything regarding #TravelingWithMarkus

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Disclaimer: I was not gifted a free flight, More Space or extra free snacks for this review. This review is solely based on my own personal experience and though I’m easily persuaded I was not. However, JetBlue, if you happen to read this review please consider giving me an empty seat next to me and my infant baby on flight 149 on November 14, 2016, going JFK-PSP and/or flight 150 PSP-JFK on December 2, 2016. Thank you!

First vacation with baby

In 14 days, I’m going on my first flight since December 2015. This time only – it’s going to be a total different and way more challenging experience. It’s the first vacation with baby! And I’m traveling solo!

I found out I was pregnant at week 7 after flying (for work) New York – Boston – Seattle – NY – Chicago – NY – Washington – Boston – Orlando. And then Amtrakking it from Orlando to NY. And, again back on a plane from NY to Antigua and St. Maarten before I finally arrived back in JFK again. All of this within less than two weeks. I thought I was feeling nauseous because of all the flying. But no, it was little Baby Kerr in the making.

My son was born in August, and on November 14 just a couple of days past turning 3-months we’ll be JetBlueing it from JFK to Palm Springs, CA. I’ve been in Palm Springs a couple of times before, but usually flying via LAX and then driving. But, this time around I’ve been able to book an award flight for relatively cheap going straight to Palm Springs where we’ll be staying at an AirBnb. The total for the r/t was $203 but I spent 13.000 TrueBlue points instead.

Just flying alone makes me a little uneasy especially when there’s turbulence. The thought of flying with my precious little one isn’t making it easier. What if something happens? What if he gets a little fussy? I’m breastfeeding but will be pumping for the journey, but what if it’s not enough. How to use the restroom? What if my fellow travelers look at me funny, or with disapproval? What if, what if…
I AM excited about introducing him to traveling and the many sights he’ll be experiencing (though he won’t remember it) – but it’ll form him and make him ready for the real big adventures he’ll be facing when he grows up – you know, because he has a mommy who’s a tour guide

Until next time, you can be sure that I’ll try and read all of the other blogs on experiences and tips traveling with little kids.
Do you have any recommendations for me?

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