Travel The USA with Rail

I have an amtrak-itch! For the last couple of years I’ve been reading blogs, watching YouTube videos and tested routes and pricing. I really want to travel cross country with train. I really, really, really want to!
Yes – train travel is much more costly than flying. And yes, it will take many hours to get to your destination. But I like the idea of taking my time to travel and enjoy the trip itself. Sometimes that’s satisfying enough!

But where will I start and where will I go? Will I do coach seat, business or sleeper car?

My research has brought me to this conclusion:

The first route that I’d like to take is the Southwest Chief from Chicago to Los Angeles in a Superliner Roomette. It’s the classic route and I think it’ll set the mood for any future Amtrak journeys should I continue to find the idea of it attractive. It’s a 45 hour ride so the idea of coach seems daunting! And I believe that the best way to truly enjoy the journey, would be from the comfort of my own little private space – e.g. the Superliner Roomette!

I’d have to pay at least $600+ but it would include three meals a day and the best views possible traveling cross country.

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