Evaluate the City

Since 2006 I’ve been a mystery shopper – on and off, for several different companies. Hundreds of shops have been conducted in Denmark, USA, St. Martin and Antigua by me. Tons of free products, thousands of dollars earned. – But that’s not even the best of it; it’s made me so! service oriented that it influences me on a day-t0-day level – in my own business and in my private life! I totally will judge businesses and services on so many more levels than the casual shopper might.


With that in mind;


I’ve been considering how to bring this domain; iloveny.dk to life more. I used to blog a lot about the life of a danish girl whose big dream was to live in New York. Well, now this Danish girl is a grown woman and mother, a small-business owner and a permanent resident in U. S. of A.

New businesses, so-called start-ups talks big words about ‘elevating’ something to the next level. Well – I like speaking my mind and I’m merely a licensed tour guide showing people around New York City so – let me evaluate your City!

Now since I’m located in New York City for the most part – I’ll be evaluating shops, businesses, apps and services you can find in NYC (or maybe other places, as well!).

Follow along if you care – or if you have time!