I’m alive.

My little blog, how I’ve neglected you. Life is hard, you know? Life in New York is nothing like what you see in the TV. There’s blood, tears and hustling involved. Unless you have wealthy parents or have been extremely good at saving – moving to the Big City doesn’t guarantee more happiness in your life. It doesn’t even guarantee that you’ll find yourself, or your long lost dreams or purpose in your life. The only revelation that might hit you is that you shouldn’t have moved to New York to begin with.

Thankfully, the latter is not true for me. I’ve never for a split second regretted making the move. Throwing away a life in Denmark and all the security that came with it. I should have done it differently had I had different tools but “it is what it is” (a new saying that I picked up here in NYC)

I’m hustling. Paying my bills. My rent. My tuition. Keeping up with all the responsibility that comes when you live in a country where you don’t have any security or safety net protecting you – just in case something were to happen.

I love it.

Now, I’m at my 5th and second to last semester as an international student. I have absolutely no clue how time passed by so extremely fast. I feel like it was yesterday that I wen through JFK’s doors with my visa freshly stamped .

When the semester is over in less than two months, I have another 3 months summer holiday and then my last semester. During the summer I hope to travel a little bit and I hope to start my search for a job during my OPT. I really hope that my education, my knowledge and my passion for the city will help me land the job that eventually can sponsor me for a work permit so that I can stay here.

I promise to talk a lot more about that later, because I’m not planning on neglecting the blog much longer. Until then, let me get back to this midterm about financing new ventures … (my entrepreneurship plan class, yay!)

Preperation: 6 weeks in USA

So friends, let me first of all tell you that I passed my exam this Wednesday with surprise. The subject was cultural understanding; UK compared to Denmark and then Customer relation management; complaint handling. It was really interesting sadly I didn’t study those two issues so I was pretty much left to what I knew by heart. But happy to finally be done with 2nd semester. Still without internship for aug-sept-oct though! :/ Anyone? 🙂


Okay, so I’m leaving for USA tomorrow. There is so many places I need to see before getting back to Denmark. I will spent time in NY of course. Now that I have a room waiting for me in Park Slope, Brooklyn. But I will also take a trip to Boston OR Chicago, Philly, Baltimore. Let’s see how it goes. So many places I wanna see – and so much time! This time it’s not just New York for 6 weeks.


I’ve been lucky to get tickets for “Good Morning America” show in NYC. This will be my third attendance in an american tv-show. Dr. Phil, The Doctors and now GMA. I will also attend the open concert in Central Park where Alicia Keys will perform.
I will try and get tickets for the David Letterman show! It’s been a dream of mine to attend his show ..


This is the first time I actually packed before the actual day I’m traveling – I’m improving! 😀


Baby, I’m coming home …