Getting passport for baby + mommy

On Friday Markus turns 6 months old. He’s already been cross country twice in his life. Both trips to California. But now, it’s time for some international traveling with baby.

I’m a permanent resident (Green Card holder) in USA and a citizen of Denmark. My passport expired this summer – oops! My son is automatically a dual citizen so making a passport for him is easy. We just went to the nearest passport acceptance facility and 1-2-3 had the application filled out and they even took the photo of him.

I had to go to the Consulate of Denmark but thankfully that’s in New York so it was just a subway ride away. There I filled out the paperwork and they did the rest.

I was worried I wouldn’t get the passports in time to get to Denmark by March 6 where I’d participate in USA Travel Show, a B2B tradeshow for US tourism suppliers and Nordic travel agents etc. But, I did! Also in time for the prices to have went up but that’s what happens!

If you want to know more about the process head on over to my blog: Dude, my passport expired! This is also where I blog about things NOT travel related.