Evaluate the City

Since 2006 I’ve been a mystery shopper – on and off, for several different companies. Hundreds of shops have been conducted in Denmark, USA, St. Martin and Antigua by me. Tons of free products, thousands of dollars earned. – But that’s not even the best of it; it’s made me so! service oriented that it influences me on a day-t0-day level – in my own business and in my private life! I totally will judge businesses and services on so many more levels than the casual shopper might.


With that in mind;


I’ve been considering how to bring this domain; iloveny.dk to life more. I used to blog a lot about the life of a danish girl whose big dream was to live in New York. Well, now this Danish girl is a grown woman and mother, a small-business owner and a permanent resident in U. S. of A.

New businesses, so-called start-ups talks big words about ‘elevating’ something to the next level. Well – I like speaking my mind and I’m merely a licensed tour guide showing people around New York City so – let me evaluate your City!

Now since I’m located in New York City for the most part – I’ll be evaluating shops, businesses, apps and services you can find in NYC (or maybe other places, as well!).

Follow along if you care – or if you have time!


Flying United Airlines

As you may know I decided to be a loyal JetBlue customer. I’ve had several trips cross-country with them – all of which have been pleasant! But this past week I had to make a quick, last-minute flight and JetBlue was simply too expensive. A R/T from JFK to LAX would have been close to $700.

So instead I got into search-mode and after several hours of trying to mix one-ways with Amtrak I finally came upon ebookers.ie and scored myself a $270 R/T with United Airlines. Which is a relatively unheard of price – especially the day after Thanksgiving!

Only but! Going there, I’d only have 32 minutes layover to change plans in Houston, Texas (IAH) which also included a change of terminal. Going back, I have approx. 8 hours layover in Las Vegas, NV (LAS). Oh … and I’d arrive in Newark, NJ (EWR) instead of New York, NY (JFK) which is my favorite airport in the City. Anyways … Ticket was good, and I didn’t want to spend more money than neccesary this time around.

Now – I’ve never flown United Airlines before but figured it couldn’t be that much of a difference from JetBlue. But it was! The level of service was much lower than what I get at JetBlue, and the seats are more narrow with lesser legroom. They don’t have complimentary WiFi, and the flight from Houston to Los Angeles did not have entertainment screens. Instead they were advertising their “Personal Device Entertainment” which didn’t work. They had complimentary soft drinks, but no complimentary snacks. And they only went through the plane with the cart once on both flights (LGA-IAH, and IAH-LAX).

Granted – we did have quite a bit of turbulence on the last leg of the trip, but I found it odd that there could be so many difference between two airlines. Especially since the latter could be perceived as a “better quality” airline.

(Looking forward to add my experiences flying LAX-LAS, and LAS-EWR tomorrow… Stay tuned)