Empire State Building

Would you believe that it took me 14 trips before I visited the Empire State Building? – But isn’t the Empire one of the ‘must-see’s in New York? Yes. So why did I chose not to?
Well, I’ve always traveled on a budget. Said no to museums, Broadway shows, concerts etc and instead focused on being able to afford the next plane ticket.

BUT! I got a chance to visit it more or less for free – so I did. It was a late Friday night, crystal clear night. There wasn’t a lot of people and the employers paid a lot of attention to each individual – or just me? Don’t know. But I had some really nice conversations with a few of them. It adds to the experience. Tourists, never let go of an opportunity to talk to a New Yorker!

I took some pictures with my LG Prime’s not-so-prime cam – So I’ll just spare you some time and just upload one … I want you to put yourself in my shoes; The City I love – this is my home! Well, a little to the right is my home. Queens, baby!