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Danish Tour Guide New York
In 2007 I bought this domain, after having traveled to New York City the year before. The domain and blog was supposed to be a diary of sort which it was for a long time. Then it stopped. More than 300 posts are currently private, as they’re in Danish and will need to get translated and also; well they’re private. They’re of the kind of blogs that you’d find on MySpace or or (that’s where you’d find me back in my teenager-years).
So they’re slightly embarrising and oh, so not relevant!


But the domain name is cool! And every year since 2007 the renewal of the domain has been on Auto-Pay. I did post a little about moving to NYC, becoming an international student and life after having my baby.

During these years I also had a travel site – – which I also kind of neglected updating as much as I wanted to. Alongside my business site and being a mother I just … just haven’t had the time or energy.


Well, things about to change. I decided not to keep the travel site, but instead import the posts from there to this domain. They will need a little adjusting as most of the media is still on the domain which will expire in October. But for now it’s good.

Danish Tour Guide USA

I will focus on my 3 sites as follows:
1) – to Danish tourists traveling to New York City. This is all you need. Follow along here: Facebook and Instagram

2) – in English for both Danish and other tourists traveling to USA. It’ll be primarly as I start off about sightseeing and “What To Do” in New York City, Washington DC and Las Vegas. Follow along here: Facebook and Instagram – same as above

3) – will be in English and will be about the life I created making the move to New York in 2011. It’ll be about being a Danish mom in the USA, being an entrepreneur, and just about my past and future travel experiences. Follow along here: Facebook and Instagram

Planning a trip with a toddler

(This blog was first posted on my personal blog,

Can you believe it? This Danish woman who didn’t travel to Denmark for over 5 years after she moved to NYC is now going to travel to Denmark for the 2nd time within 8 months!!???

As you may be aware – I took my son to Denmark back in March. Then back to NYC in May to take care of business … but am now heading back to Denmark on November 30th!

I’m excited – though I ended up spending more money on the ticket that what I though I was going to. See, what happened was I had been looking for a cheap ticket for a long time. I remember the days of paying a minimum of 3500 DKK (about $560) for “a cheap ticket” but often more than 4000 DKK (equivalent to $640). That would be tix with a stop-over somewhere.
Now with low-budget airlines such as Norwegian I know I can get something for less than $500 and that’s what I was looking for. So when I finally found a ticket just below the 500 mark I didn’t even think twice. I bought it. It included the fare for my son, who is still under the age of 2 and therefor travel at about 10% of the base fare of an adult ticket.
I decided not to bring luggage TO Denmark, but I wanted to be able to bring a suitcase of clothes that I left in Denmark on my way back to NYC. Ergo, one regular LowFare – and one LowFare+ coming back. Just under $500. (We should all book via the website as it’ll get us the cheapest fare!)

Now …. the next morning I felt guilty! I literally woke up panicking – what had I done? Bought a ticket with seat for myself and expected my 15-month old son to be super cool with being on my lap during the 8 hour flight? NO!!! — So I called Norwegian customer service and they were awesome! I said: “I have to get a seat for my son. How much? …. <<hold on one moment, miss>> …. 2600 NOK …. Me: Yes, okay here’s my credit card number. Make it happen! <clickity-click> … Yes, mam, your confirmation number is … blah blah bla!”

Big sigh… I had done what I was suppose to do. Secure my son a seat, and give myself some peace of mind. I know traveling with a lap child is a hectic job with the ultimate risk of hurting your child in the case of heavy turbulence. But, my son is also a big boy already (81 cm (32″) 12.3 kg (27lbs)) and I was just picturing the nightmare it could eventually become. But safety first. Then ‘mommy sanity’! I felt proud – this will be his 8th and 9th flight, all with a seat except that one time flying home from Palm Springs last year.

Now … you’d think it would all be over right? Well. Then I started thinking about car seat when I come to Denmark, and how to make sure that my son will be secure in this seat during flight. And how should I transport him through the airport as I will not bring our stroller (there’s one in DK for us). Long story short …. after much researching — I bought the super duper lightweight Cosco Scenera Next off at around $40. I used the ibotta app and got some cash back through there. I already have a great – but heavy car seat – so this was somewhat of a necessity. At the current moment in time I am trying to determine whether I should get a car seat transporter cart or try a car seat travel buckle accessory.

Anyways … I love to travel, and though traveling with a toddler is more expensive and will cost me 2-3 extra headaches it’s definitely worth it. Because in two weeks time we get to see ‘mormor’ and ‘moster’ (grandma and aunties) and there’s no way you can add a price tag to that …

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Markus enjoying his new Cosco Scenera NEXT car seat