Love at Groupon

First week of the 4th semester is now over. I don’t know if it’s just me or the new, inspirational teacher we have in Management and English .. But I feel so motivated!

There has been a lot of complains about the attendance rate, lack of communication between the office and the students and the demotivating attitude amongst some of the teachers.

– With that said, I really really like our new teacher and I know that if only we all show up for classes (In our school, attending classes is not mandatory to graduate) we will have a great last semester! I know for sure that our new teacher has the ability to teach me a lot of new things!

Now, this post wasn’t meant to be a praise .. But it’s weekend. A nice Saturday and the music channel is on. But apparently they’ve issues with the budget ’cause all of a sudden they’re showing infomercials! Why oh why??

So I changed the channel and now ABBA is on VH1. … And I’m surfing the net .. Or, to be exact! Love love love love it! It’s savin’ money and shopping combined into one simple website.

The other day I got a great deal on Sushi in Forest Hills that I know will satisfy not just me but a good friend of mine too!

And today just as I felt like munching on something not so healthy I decided to postpone the munching and do it the real way when I get back to the City. So bought today’s Groupon here: John’s Pizzeria

Groupon is just great. I plan what I’m gonna have for dinner, I save half off the price and since I’m buying them now – in April it will almost feel like free food!

But people, Groupon isn’t just about food .. They have deals on everything!

Get yours now, sign up ->