Contemplating a trip again

Alright, so it’s been some months since we went to Denmark. And Germany. And no blog posts yet. It’s not cool – but I did Instagram our trip on @travelingwithmarkus account.

Now, back in New York City to resolve some things before planning the next trip. As an travel entrepreneur you really CAN get it both ways.

I’ve never been on a cruise. Unless you’ll count the DFDS Seaways Cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo, Norway when I was a kid.

That’s an option.

I also been dreaming about doing it the Amtrak way, for a long time. Before Markus was born. He turned 1 this past Thursday, is it time yet?

I’m so eager to get back on my traveling game. But how do you travel with a toddler? Is cruise a good idea? Is it too soon to cross country with train? Or should I just fly to Paris and get it over with?

What do you think?