Evalutate the City: Mr. Bing – Beijing Street Food

Yesterday I was walking from Penn Station to Herald Square to catch the subway back to Queens. Incidentally I walked through UrbanSpace: Broadway Bites and a nice gentleman, outside of the Mr. Bing food stand offered me a sample of food.
The scent had already reached my nostrils and I was intrigued.
Due to good conversation with the staff regarding my background as a tour guide, and a Dane I stayed a little longer than one would usually do after being offered a sample of food.
While I ordered a ‘bing’, a Chinese street crepe/filled pancake; the Classic Vegetarian, I uploaded a cute little ‘staged’ video clip of being offered the sample, to Instagram Stories.

Thus – I asked who managed their social media accounts. Coincidentally, at the same moment Mr. Brian Goldberg, the founder of Mr. Bing came riding on a Citibike and I was able to introduce myself to him. We had a wonderful chat about his stay in Asia, 14 years, being fluent in Chinese as well as his travels to Scandinavia and my work as a freelance tour guide and entrepreneur, founder of NYC & Tours (Turist i New York, in Denmark)

The chat was wonderful, and I was so pleased to meet Brian. I pitched him the idea of my ‘Winter’ walking tours which will incorporate a visit to Bryant Park and thus offer my clients to get the ‘heat’ from traditional Chinese street food rather than maybe a warm apple cider, or hot chocolate. We exchanged cards and you can keep posted on NYC & Tours FB page for the launch of the tour.

But, back to the food! I would never have bothered to spend time chatting with the staff if the food wasn’t ‘original’, ‘delicious’ and ‘affordable’.

Fresh, and with vegetarian option – it’s a recommended go-to option for anyone looking to try something new, different or reminisce over their stay in China.

Read more about Mr. Bing, the story behind the ‘brand’ aka. Brian Goldberg etc., and the history of ‘jianbing’, the traditional Northern Chinese Street crepes: https://www.mr-bing.com/

And make sure to visit one of their locations, in either the pop-up location at Broadway Cites, Herald Square, or Vanderbilt Food Hall, East Village, Flatiron or Chelsea (coming soon!)!

Thank you, Mr. Bing for the treat!

Evaluate the City

Since 2006 I’ve been a mystery shopper – on and off, for several different companies. Hundreds of shops have been conducted in Denmark, USA, St. Martin and Antigua by me. Tons of free products, thousands of dollars earned. – But that’s not even the best of it; it’s made me so! service oriented that it influences me on a day-t0-day level – in my own business and in my private life! I totally will judge businesses and services on so many more levels than the casual shopper might.


With that in mind;


I’ve been considering how to bring this domain; iloveny.dk to life more. I used to blog a lot about the life of a danish girl whose big dream was to live in New York. Well, now this Danish girl is a grown woman and mother, a small-business owner and a permanent resident in U. S. of A.

New businesses, so-called start-ups talks big words about ‘elevating’ something to the next level. Well – I like speaking my mind and I’m merely a licensed tour guide showing people around New York City so – let me evaluate your City!

Now since I’m located in New York City for the most part – I’ll be evaluating shops, businesses, apps and services you can find in NYC (or maybe other places, as well!).

Follow along if you care – or if you have time!