Bottle Tree Ranch

After arriving in LAX and heading to Las Vegas in Nevada, we stopped in Oro Grande. Here you’ll find a very popular attraction. A man named Elmer collects bottles and glass have have done so for so many years that his collection – and the way he displays it – have drawn visitors from all over the world.

You’re welcome to walk in and walk around his private property. You can also bring a bottle or glass from your home town or country, and donate it in one of the boxes.

This is such a cool spot to play around with your camera and take amazing photos. I had just gotten my Nikon D3300 and I’m by no means a photographer but it was fun just to play and practice.

We also had the honor of actually meeting Elmer. He’s a cool dude.

So, yeah … pay a visit at Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch in Oro Grande, California. See some of the photos I took in our Facebook post. And go follow Facebook now that you’re there 🙂

En ualmindelig interessant stop på vej til Nevada

Posted by The Newyawkerr – On Tour on Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rancho Palos Verdes

We went to the city of Rancho Palos Verdes, only an about 45 minute drive from LAX. It was a beautiful experience, looking at the Pacific Ocean and enjoying the dry heat.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Though they were taking with my foolish little cell phone camera. Definitely have to go back – if nothing else, then for better photos 😉 …

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