#Mompreneur – It’s Hard work

My son is 10 weeks and 3 days old. I’m sitting with him on my lap, while I’m typing this. He’s staring curiously into the screen while he’s hiccuping and occasionally turning his head to see what’s surrounding him. He started holding his head and looking around several weeks ago. He’s strong. At our 2-months pediatric visit he was 14 lbs and 4 oz, measuring 23 inches. He got his shots – cried, and was good moments after I held him.

I came to the U.S to study. I finalized my studies and wanted to focus 110% on my business after becoming a permanent resident. Well, there’s nothing like focusing 110% on your business without also doing a few things on the side to make it work. It’s a hustle.

Now, being a stay-at-home-mom because there’s no way I’ll put him in day-care this early – and trying to manage my business at the same time is rough. I am an entrepreneur but I’m also a mother and while I didn’t plan on having those two things go hand in hand – it’s happening. I’m day-dreaming when nursing about the day that my business has grown enough to support us financially and everyone will ask: “How did you do it?” And I’ll answer: “It was tough, but I did it all because of my son!” I wanted to grow my business before even having him but now it’s more important than ever. I love living in New York and it was a dream I worked hard to achieve. I did it. I wanted my education. I got it. I wanted to become a NYC Licensed tour guide. I studied hard and got a great score. I wanted to participate in the entrepreneurship incubator last year, and I got a chance to. I wanted my pregnancy to turn into a  healthy little boy. And he was.  Now, what stands between me and a successful business … nothing?

I’m a mompreneur … with a great business idea and super clients! And a sweet little baby son that’s gonna grow up and know mommy’s place isn’t just in the kitchen!

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