The Big Travel Day

The day has arrived. It’s now November 14, 2016 and it’s 6:15 AM. We’re traveling out of JFK, New York in about 12.5 hours and how much packing and preparing have I done? … I did laundry yesterday.

I’ve ALWAYS been like that. Always packed the night before, always run around last minute to get my tooth brush or passport. You know, the essentials. However, I never forgot anything and it was actually the best way for me to mentally get prepared. Because I was READY with adrenaline pumping at the airport. READY to TRAVEL!

Initially I’d assume that it’s not gonna work like that at all with an infant baby. And my intentions were to be completely done over the weekend. But things get in the way and before I knew it it was Sunday evening and baby fell a sleep while nursing, and then mommy fell a sleep too.

I got it … right?

To be …. continued …!

Traveling with baby
Updated: the following day…

Oh wow, so of course I had to run around and didn’t know how to finish packing in our carry-on bag. Things just didn’t wanna fit. So, I decided to get my large red four-wheel suitcase I’ve traveled with the past seven years out from the back of the closet – and I stuffed things in there. There was even room for the car seat base. Oh yeah, I decided after speaking with my flight attendant friend to bring my Graco Fastaction Click Connect travel system and just gate check it. More about that later …

We left our house in Queens a little too late, traffic getting into JFK was horrible. We made it by 1 hour and 40 minutes before departure. I had already checked-in online the day before but that was when I didn’t plan on bringing a checked bag.

I tried to maneuver from the curb into the check-in counter with my carry-ons, the stroller and the large bag. Thankfully a sweet woman, Karen, saw my frustration and came to help. She took the suitcase and walked me to the Help Desk (where I didn’t know I had to go, to get boarding pass for my baby) and checked my bag and got my boarding pass.

JetBlue Help Desk
We had a nice conversation, that comforted me. I was worried we had too little time. I was worried about the trip …  He was booked as a lap child which I kinda regretted the more I thought about it. Anyways. Karen was helpful, and so was the guy at Help Desk. 1-2-3 … and I had my boarding passes and now things were a little easier to maneuver.
In the line to security several people said: ‘Aww’, and ‘wow’ about my baby. Asking if it’s his first flight. Some people told me: “You got this girl!”. It was really encouraging.

Getting through security was a little bit of a hassle. Computer up, liquids up, stroller and car seat detached and up. Oh, and “please take your slippers off, we don’t care you don’t have socks on!”
Held my baby through the scanner and had my hands swiped. Getting my things together was HARD but a woman came to my rescue and put the stroller and car seat together so that I could put Markus down and gather the rest of my things. The bottles with breast-milk (2x 125 mls) were examined and off we went towards the gate.

newyawkerr gatechecking
As always JetBlue let’s families board first and it was GREAT … I was able to take my car seat on-board and gate checked my stroller. That was simple. Getting to the end of the plane (our seat was in the back row 25) pushing my Samsonite carry-on, diaper bag and baby in the car seat was impossible. Now I know that but then the flight attendant came to my rescue and helped me to the back row. Since it was not a full flight and the flight attendants were super nice and helpful – I was able to get a seat for Markus! 😀

I’ll end the post now and make a separate one for Baby’s First Flight .. so follow along tomorrow!

Edited: Here’s the link to Markus’ first flight:

newyawkerr car seat in plane