Palm Springs History

When you think about Palm Springs, you may think 60s style and colorful atmosphere. But, as a NYC Licensed tour guide and a sucker for history and “old days” I had to find out more of the history of Palm Springs.

Downtown Palm Springs, on South Palm Canyon Drive at the Village Green, you’ll find the historical society and the two museums they manage and some other buildings worth visiting as well. The two buildings that now serves as museums are the oldest ones standing in Palm Springs today.

There’s the McCallum Adobe house from 1884, and the Cornelia White house from 1893. Both have free entrances but please consider donating. The McCallum Adobe house is featuring exhibitions of the colorful life of Palm Springs, focused on the film industry.

The Cornelia White house is the home of the pioneer Cornelia White and stands like a home would have by the turn of the century. It was once a part of Palm Springs’ first hotel.

The historical society offers walking tours – and if there’s something I always recommend tourists to do: it’s to take a walking tour! (p.s. says the tour guide offering walking tours in NYC)

Next to the two buildings are Ruddy’s General Store museum which does charge an admission – of a humble 95c. And yes, you’ll get change for a dollar. This general store has about 6000 unopened, unused grocery items mainly from the 1930s and 40s and was a personal collection from Jim Ruddy. It was so much fun, even though I didn’t grow up in the USA I still recognized several brands.

And, Markus my little baby enjoyed the sights of all the houses so much that he eventually fell a sleep in his K’Tan carrier!

Walking back and forth on Palm Canyon Drive you’ll see many buildings and houses with small plaques on it – I recommend you to stop and read them. Get to know more about the heritage and history of this wonderful city of Palm Springs before AND after you enjoy its foods and shopping.

For more information, and please book a tour guide: – The historical society. – I was recommended booking a tour with Jade. I’m looking forward to my first tour. I always want to support local guides who made it their career to entertain and enlighten tourists.

Big Bus Tours Las Vegas

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2015-03-13 19.19.27
I gotta say that when it comes to sightseeing I’m a little biased. Being a NYC Licensed tour guide and everything. Even more so when I went on the double decker bus with Big Bus Tours Las Vegas!

I went to Vegas for the second time in March 2015. At the time, I was working as a tour guide with Big Bus New York and had gotten the “friends & family discount” (read: free tickets) so I was excited to see the Strip and Downtown Freemont Street from the bus rather than walking or trying to attempt to drive around. 2015-03-13 19.59.05

I’ve been in Las Vegas about 4-5 months earlier but didn’t do much sightseeing that time.

We drove to and found parking at Circus Circus where both of the loops starts/ends.2015-03-13 17.18.27 2015-03-13 17.33.01

This is my review (taken directly from my TripAdvisor):

“We first did The Strip tour which was really fun; easy way to see the many sights the strip has to offer without the hassle of walking or driving around. Our tour guide was really cool, informative and had a great personality. And when she told me she just started working for the company; I was amazed! Big applause for Jillian!

Later, we took The Downtown tour which is very different from The Strip tour – however, it offered an insight to the “real” Las Vegas plus many nice sights such as the pawn shop from Pawn Stars as well as a multitude of wedding chapels. Our tour guide, Brian aka Marc was F-U-N-N-Y! Perfect engagement with customers, great knowledge and still super professional. Jose was the driver on that tour, and he did a great job! Always good to appreciate the professional driver’s capabilities to take us around town in a safe and smooth ride. Thumps up!

The buses were a little on the older side, but they were surprisingly clean. It’s live tour guide, with speakers and it was not a problem hearing them at all.”

2015-03-13 19.16.29 I had the pleasure to speak with both Jillian and Brian after the tour, comparing notes between Big Bus LV and Big Bus NY. After the conversations I felt a little jealous and even to this day (1.5 years later) the possibility of relocating to Las Vegas for a while and applying for a position with Big Bus Tours is still very much growing.
For now though, we’re staying put here in NY.

If you ever travel to Las Vegas and are considering utilizing Big Bus Tours then I’d say go for it. As with any hop on/hop off sightseeing company – if your guide is less than brilliant – jump off and get back on the next bus. We were blessed with two funny, intelligent guides and if they ever were to read this blog – say hi!

Of course I took a bunch of photos – because when do I not? You can click in below if you want to:

2015-03-13 17.18.27

2015-03-13 17.24.25

2015-03-13 17.33.01

2015-03-13 17.37.49

2015-03-13 18.06.15

2015-03-13 18.06.25

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2015-03-13 18.17.18

2015-03-13 18.23.13

2015-03-13 18.26.44

2015-03-13 18.26.49

2015-03-13 18.32.31

2015-03-13 18.32.55

2015-03-13 18.35.34

2015-03-13 18.36.42

2015-03-13 18.38.53

2015-03-13 18.39.03

2015-03-13 18.40.29

2015-03-13 18.40.58

2015-03-13 18.45.36

2015-03-13 18.46.08

2015-03-13 18.46.19

2015-03-13 18.47.13

2015-03-13 18.51.03

2015-03-13 18.53.49

2015-03-13 18.54.29

2015-03-13 18.54.36

2015-03-13 19.10.54

2015-03-13 19.15.29

2015-03-13 19.15.54

2015-03-13 19.16.29

2015-03-13 19.19.27

2015-03-13 19.20.42

2015-03-13 19.52.16

2015-03-13 19.52.20

2015-03-13 19.52.35

2015-03-13 19.55.43

2015-03-13 19.57.11

2015-03-13 19.57.28

2015-03-13 19.59.05

2015-03-13 20.02.45

2015-03-13 20.03.34

2015-03-13 20.03.39

2015-03-13 20.10.52

2015-03-13 20.13.58

2015-03-13 20.22.49

2015-03-13 20.32.03

2015-03-13 20.32.39

2015-03-13 20.37.38

Through my professional line of work as the founder of NYC & Tours I can actually now sell you tickets to Big Bus Tours in New York – so if you ever come to NY, email me: [email protected] and mention ‘newyawkerr’ for 10% off. The above review have nothing to do with that … it was written long before I became a vendor 😉