IRENE, how I was anxiously awaiting your visit!

I made sure I had candle lights, canned goods, veggies and fruits, water and yes, I even bought a bottle of Captain Morgan. They told me I could expect her Saturday evening.
I always get a little stressed out, when I’m expecting company. I find walking a good way of releasing the stress, therefor I went to the nearest park and walked approx. 5 miles in the rain. It was really nice.

When I was back home, I was curious if Irene was gonna be here on time. You know the drill, looking out the windows – looking at the clock.
Eventually I got bothered and I thought watching a movie would help ease my mind. It really didn’t.

I mean, how disrespectful not showing up on time? After all the preparation? It’s no secret that I was really upset with Irene.

I made myself a drink and went to bed. I don’t know why, but I was thinking to myself; that maybe I got the time wrong. Maybe she wouldn’t arrive until early Sunday morning. After all, it was a long journey she was on.

I woke up a few times during the night. It was raining a lot! Actually, it poured down for hours. During the night it got more and more windy. But so far, when I looked out the windows, I didn’t see anything that fit the description of Irene.

Around 9am I realized that Irene must have had dressed down for NYC. Didn’t she get the memo that the entire city was extremely prepared for her and her windy friends? It was kind of an disappointment but then again, nobody should party THAT hard!

(Jokes aside: Thankful that NYC wasn’t hit as badly as other areas of the East Coast. My heart goes out to the people who did suffer great loss!)