Black Friday – the aftermath

Sorry readers,

I was busy sleeping so didn’t have time to update you all on MY black friday adventure.
I went to Queens Center, a large mall in my neighborhood. I was there 10 minutes after they opened at midnight and it was crazy. They call the event: ‘Midnight Madness’ for a reason!
There was a line formed from the subway station into the mall more or less.

I went straight to H&M, because I don’t have any money and thought that H&M would probably be the place where I’d get most out of zero cash. And I was right.
I got some nice clothes for little money. $5 and $10 deals! But to this day I’m still asking myself if the 1 hour, yes 60 minutes long wait in line was worth it?

Remember, the first 100 people at H&M would receive a gift card valued from $10-$300. Apparently they’d been lining up for hours. The cashier told me that the first one in line, was the one that got the $300! I think that’s nice! But, I’d rather pay for my stuff than risk spending 1-2 hours for a $10 gift card.

After H&M I really didn’t feel like going into any stores. Or at least buy anything. Hate waiting in line, plus I was there alone so nobody to talk to while waiting. I did walk around and saw how crazy people were plus what huge mess they’d all leave behind.
Funny thing, the food court which is ALWAYS packed was almost empty! I know it was in the middle of the night after Thanksgiving dinner, but these people are Americans too! Anyways .. I got my Chinese food and my coke and a perfect seat, so ain’t complaining! 🙂

Got home around 3AM and fell asleep just to wake up and continue the shopping online!

There’s some huge deals online, and I didn’t have to wait in no lines. (Online = no line! LOL)

– I got 3 pairs of shoes (Dollhouse, Blowfish and Converse) plus free shipping, a tote bag and a makeup bag at for $60.

– I got a whole bunch of shirts, hoodies, sweatpants etc (can’t be specific ’cause there’s gifts involved) at Aeropostale 11 items plus shipping for $85. There was 60% savings! I never bought anything from Aeropostale before but I always see people wearing the brand so I’m guessing it’s cool? Still waiting for the package so am anxious to see 🙂

Later that weekend, I actually decided to take a walk down Austin St (main shopping/dining street in Forest Hills) I wanted to return some things at Sephora and went into Body shop afterwards. They had a 3 for $30 on EVERYTHING in the store. Seriously, we’re talking major savings. Even if one item was regular $28, it would still be a part of the $30 deal. I normally never buy things from Body Shop, but I couldn’t control it. And I got a bag with extra items in for another $25. After I finished my purchase the cashier told me that I saved $116 that day. WOW!

All in all, I did spend more than I expected! But I’m really happy with the fact that I didn’t go overboard with things I don’t need! Now I don’t have to do any shopping until [TBA] !

Ps. My first black friday might have went smooth. But other places in the U.S people went insane. We’re talking pepper spray, gun shots etc …