NY, the best place on earth!

August 29, 2008 (NY trip #2 finished)

I’m back in Denmark. Feeling crappy. The days over there were starting to feel like a regular life, but now I have to face the reality – daily life is in DK.

It’s been the best experience for me, and I’m really happy I finally went again.
All the experiences have really started to built something inside of me. I’m grateful to be able to experience something so amazing!

The trip back home went fast and smoothly. Wasn’t expecting that. I’d say that the last 20 minutes was the unbearable ones. I went with a danish girl from my hotel, and we were sitting next to a Swedish gentleman. We had lively conversations and agreed amongst ourselves how that helped on the many hours of traveling.

Now, I’m trying to adjust to Danish timezone, as quick as possible. School starts on monday. I have lots of necessary things to take care of … and then I want to go back!

DK, just a place to stay!