New York 2010 bucket list

Yesterday I was walking around Lower East Side with my ‘mentor’ Garry from Manhattan Walking Tour

He was showing me different things of New York, that even though I’ve been here many times haven’t really taking into consideration. We went to Museum of Chinese in America. A museum with lots of stories and pictures to illustrate how the first Chinese people came to America and how their lives were. Very informative and beautiful.

We also went to Katz’s Delicatessen. Place well known from the scene in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ where they are sitting at the diner and she’s faking “something”.
– I’ve been thinking of going there many times but the crowd kinda scared me off. Good thing to have a walking tour guide as your friend. That way the visit went smooth. He knew exactly what to order and that way I got the chance to taste the best Pastrami Sandwich ever.

Another thing I tried was Egg Cream. At first I was kinda scared – ’cause I got it mixed up with the Eggnog people have at Christmas time that actually do contains Eggs. But it didn’t. And it was … well, interesting.

I realized that I’m doing a lot of things that I didn’t expect I would. I like that. I’ve been here so many times – and this is the first time I’m doing things that I probably should have tried a long time ago.

I will continue this lifestyle.

This is my bucket list of “Things to do before I get back to Denmark in November 2010” (some of them which I already did)

  • Attend a talkshow (as audience – i’ll be the guest once i’m famous)
  • Have sushi
  • Visit one of the big art museums. Either MoMa or Guggenheim.
  • Go to Bronx.
  • Go to Brooklyn Library.
  • Go to Strand.
  • Join a bookclub.
  • Go to Katz’s
  • Have an Egg cream
  • See a Broadway play.
  • Visit Ellis Island.
  • Go to Coney Island
  • Bike Central Park. Or any park.
  • Buy really expensive shoes or bag or iPad. Either one.

Guess it’s an ongoing list. To be continued …