Patrons of the Art – Walking tour

Today I went with on a tour booked by a couple from one of the more up-scale hotels in New York. They wanted a tour around the neighborhood where their hotel is located. Luckily that’s one of the things we’ve been working on recently so we were prepared.

At first glance you might think – what’s so special about 57 street area worth doing a whole tour about? There is tons of high fashion shopping possibilities and restaurants. But there is some well kept stories behind some of the residences and with Garry nothing is left unsaid.

As a result of that I got to experience some behind-the-scenes historic scenery. I went to a very prestigious gallery – one of the kinds, where you have to be buzzed in the front door. Millions and millions dollars worth hanging on the walls. I felt so emotional when seeing a real Henri Matisse up  close. When I turned around I saw a Renoir drawing.  I was amazed – could hardly breath scared of hurting some of the precious paintings.

Later we went to Ana Tzarev Gallery. I’ve been here before and I absolutely love the paintings. They are so alive – I can actually feel them on my skin. The couple from the hotel acted like they could actually afford buying one of the larger pieces with an estimated worth of $ 450.000. – I got a gratis postcard! (yep, gratis! – that word is fully understandable in a million dollar gallery!)

Another thing on the tour was the insight to the company who made the first piano as we know it today; Steinway and Sons

And also … Oh wait! This was an amazing tour – you gotta take it! So much better than me going on and on and on …

I have new-found love for this part of the City. It’s not just 5th avenue shopping and the Plaza.


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