My apartment is almost empty. I’ve sold most of my furnitures. My favorite red couch, my large black room divider. I threw out my coffee tables. I gave away kitchen supplies to my grandfather.
This weekend there was ‘Large item garbage’ collection and I was in the zone! Walked back and forth from my apartment carrying boxes, bags etc with stuff that’s been in my home(s) the last 8 years.

Left are a few piles on the floor, half empty closet, completely empty cabinets in the kitchen.

The things I wanna keep is packed in two small boxes. And my shoes, bags and clothes (the stuff I decided not to throw out) are packed in three big suitcases/bags.

I can’t start to explain what a relief it is. It’s only material things. I don’t need it to be happy! I think, getting older have given me a true appreciation of SIMPLIFICATION!

Now if only I could do the same thing with certain people!

I feel so much change around me. It’s hard to keep track and I’ve had to make some really hard decisions. But I believe (and I hope) that I’m doing the right thing. After all, practice what you preach, right?

Only a few weeks left and then I’m free as a bird.

I’ve realized that New York is like a box! Wrapped in colorful paper with a cute bow on. But inside is the most beautiful, most precious gift anyone can get!

It’s not really about the wrapping anymore. If you know what I mean.