I was the girl that started reading novels at the age of 8. I was always at the school’s library up to the point where I didn’t find the literature appealing enough there!

Then my mom would take me to the nearest public library and there I found a world of adventures, possibilities, dreams, love .. I hid in this world for many years! I feel that I’ve learned so much about life through these stories.

At a point I stopped reading. I was around 18, I was moving out of the home I grew up in and had to start living a life on my own. I wanted to keep reading but my mind was cluttered and I couldn’t focus. Still, I’d always pick up a book at the bookstore. I’d surround myself with these stories in the home of one day reading them. Now when I’m moving out of my apartment I have to get rid of all of these books, though at first it was hard, I now realize that it’s only going to make moving forward easier. [read between the lines]

I still read .. I analyze the stories I see around me. The people I meet. It’s a bad habit. I’ve started to learn that it’s really not necessary because I’ll never get the outcome that I hope for.

Reading people sucks / Reading books rules!