Status on NY dream vol. 3

Still haven’t heard from CUNY but I guess I have to remain patient for another few weeks. But some good news that I want to share is, that I got the answer on my application to get my monthly study grant transferred to the US. It’s been approved! For 3 years, while studying abroad, I will be financially secured. Yet another blessing of being a Danish citizen.

I’ve found that finding an apartment in New York is rather difficult as a foreign citizen. Unless you’re willing to settle for share / or a limited sublet.

I’m not.

I want to ‘invest’ in what will be my home for a long time. I’m so sick and tired of moving and I haven’t had an apartment where I really felt like I wanted to decorate it and make it MY HOME.
Now it’s time.
But apparently to get to the ‘good places’, I need to be able to provide some kind of good credit as in ‘credit score’ which we don’t use in Denmark and I therefor have no way to show a decent credit score.

So, I contacted my bank and explained the situation. I was told that they have a standard form they give their customers when they want to open bank accounts in America or are to invest in a house/business.

Good thing is, that I was told they have no problem issuing one of these forms for me and I was told that they will highly recommend me! I love getting compliments like that ..

Few steps in the right direction.


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