Homeless, but fabulous!

– Yes, I might be homeless living out of my three suitcases, sleeping on an air mattress in my friends livingroom but my life is so pretty awesome!

– I told my roomie today that I don’t have a broken heart, but a broken spirit! – And then we laughed.

– I’m so funny that it’s not even funny how often somebody tells me how funny I am.

– NYC is all about the right association, the right combination of what’s good for you and what’s bad for you in a good way. Cocktails, shopping.

/ On a final note, I’m so tired of people who doesn’t know WHO I am. Trying to mess with me? I’m telling you, I came prepared!

Last week I met a FAN! Not a fan as in one of those electronic devices that makes it easier to survive the heat if you don’t have an air conditioner (no periods!) No, I’m talking about a person that reads my blog all the time. And for that, I’m thankful! You know who you are! Next time I’ll give you my autograph …. hahaha! I told you, I’m a jokester!