Application for the Immigration Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20)

Well isn’t this just lovely?

I didn’t do my work good enough, I hadn’t read my papers thorougly enough – the ones I got when I was accepted to CUNY.

I thought I didn’t have to prove I had the financial funds to cover my expenses while studying in America, until I was at the meeting with the Embassy. And I would be able to explain, that though I don’t have $32.000/year (estimate expenses for a international student a year) on my account it doesn’t mean that I can’t afford being a student in America. I would explain that as a Danish student, I’ve been granted 3 years of monthly study grants. I would explain that I will apply for scholarships throughout the year, and with scholarships and study grant and the money I have in savings, I wouldn’t have a problem supporting myself.

But, the situation is different. I have to apply to get the I-20, that I will bring with me to the Embassy, from the university and to get the I-20, the university wants to see documentations of my financial situations. SEE! Like, real numbers on real paper! They won’t take my great explanations for anything and right now … I don’t have 4 x $32.000 lying around.

I’m mad upset with myself that I didn’t read the papers more carefully so that I had been applying for scholarships already. Man, so now it is coming down to ‘greens’ ($$$$) whether or not I can follow my dream. Why, oh why? I know I will be able to work something out but semester starts end of January and before I get the I-20, I can’t apply for the visa, and as long as I don’t have the visa … there will be no school for me!

If anyone of you wants to support me (by signing a piece of paper stating that you are able to) I would greatly appreciate it.


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