2020 – en epilog

Smid et tæppe af en global epidemi over verdens befolkningen, og tilføj nogle pyntepuder af civil urolighed, økonomisk ødelæggelse og social distancering og du har en menneskehed med store, store problemer. Vi kommer aldrig “over” 2020.

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Hvorfor ikke bare kører, Maria?

Det var faktisk min mor, der satte tanken i hovedet på mig. Jeg havde bestilt en auto transport til Toyotaen til den “nette” pris af $1150. Den laveste pris, jeg havde fundet hvor gennemsnittet lå på $1600. Fra en mægler, der ville tage $250 gebyr for at finde en billig transport. De havde ikke de… Continue reading Hvorfor ikke bare kører, Maria?

Flytte til New York midt i pandemien 2020

Jeg tog et par år væk fra New York City af personlige årsager, hvilket gav mening da jeg traf beslutningen om at bryde mine bånd med byen. Det var ellers altid ønsket, at blive i NYC forevigt … Det viste sig så, at selvom jeg flyttede væk så var byen stadig i mine tanker, og… Continue reading Flytte til New York midt i pandemien 2020

Transferring money abroad – Transferwise

Let me start out by saying that, yes, this post has referral links and if you use them you’ll get your first transfer free! And yes, I will also get a little thank you for every 3 persons who sign up. But this is good – so continue reading! When I started my days as… Continue reading Transferring money abroad – Transferwise

To be a student in New York

Important links U.S Department of State – Student Visa USCIS – Students and employment Homeland Security – Study in The States Danish Students Abroad Facebook-side For International Students Many dream of studying in America, or more specifically study in New York. The opportunity to mix a stay in the greatest city of the world with… Continue reading To be a student in New York

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POE and other anecdotes

This is my tale about my POE (Port of Entry) into the United States of America: So after finishing up my business in Denmark it was time to gather my stuff and get on that plane back ‘home’! I got a one-way ticket with Icelandair for $500 on cheapoair.com which was a pretty good deal… Continue reading POE and other anecdotes

Black Friday – the aftermath

Sorry readers, I was busy sleeping so didn’t have time to update you all on MY black friday adventure. I went to Queens Center, a large mall in my neighborhood. I was there 10 minutes after they opened at midnight and it was crazy. They call the event: ‘Midnight Madness’ for a reason! There was… Continue reading Black Friday – the aftermath

Sweet return, or?

It was hard leaving New York. Leaving the town of Forest Hills, that is my home. Leaving my friends, that I love so much! I got the chance to say goodbye and hug two of my best friends, and it did break my heart looking over my shoulder when saying the last farewell, on my… Continue reading Sweet return, or?

Broadway show and other fantastic experiences

I’ve been so busy, way too busy to write anything. Even my dissertation is suffering from it. But life is so beautiful, and how can I possible say no, when being asked to go out and enjoy life! Since Irene, I’ve been running around, seeing things, experiencing things, hung out with friends. I’ve been spending… Continue reading Broadway show and other fantastic experiences

4 years, 10 months and 12 days later

I did it! Nobody, not even myself believed that I was going to do this. Now, while the tears are running down my cheeks, adding a dimension to the smile on my lips, I know I had it in me. Eventually the struggle, the hassle, the hard work has paid off. It’s 4am; besides from… Continue reading 4 years, 10 months and 12 days later

I found a studio! vol 2.

After I got the call that I shouldn’t expect problems with getting the board approval I thought it was going to be easy peasy the rest of the way. I was so wrong!!! First I had to fill out two different applications. Make copies (5 in total) of all of my papers, letters of recommendation, references,… Continue reading I found a studio! vol 2.

I found a studio!

Last week I went for a walk around the neighborhood of Forest Hills, NY to think, relax and look for ‘For Rent’ signs. Some of the houses in Forest Hills are almost mansion-like, big beautiful houses, crazy expensive. Then, I saw a ‘For Sale’ sign. I thought to myself, what if I could buy? Then… Continue reading I found a studio!

I’m coming home.

I couldn’t sleep last night. It’s always been difficult for me to finish my things on time, whenever I was moving. Usually it would turn out with last minute panic attacks. For whatever reason, most likely the fact that I know I’m making the absolut right decision, well, I managed to get ready on time!… Continue reading I’m coming home.

Status on NY dream vol. 4

Only a few days after my last blogpost I went to my mailbox and the only thing awaiting me was this beautiful envelope: The letter was thick and heavy and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to open it. When I finally did, my heart sank when reading the first word: ‘Congratulations…’ Really didn’t read… Continue reading Status on NY dream vol. 4


I was the girl that started reading novels at the age of 8. I was always at the school’s library up to the point where I didn’t find the literature appealing enough there!

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Things to do instead of …

Yo! Pro-Poor Tourism in USA, specialization report, hand-in Monday, 20 pages .. So as I’m getting more and more frustrated about the fact that I have to write something that has already been written before I find myself coming up with excuses to do  much more important things and my mind wanders off and suddenly… Continue reading Things to do instead of …

Patrons of the Art – Walking tour

Today I went with www.manhattanwalkingtour.com on a tour booked by a couple from one of the more up-scale hotels in New York. They wanted a tour around the neighborhood where their hotel is located. Luckily that’s one of the things we’ve been working on recently so we were prepared. At first glance you might think… Continue reading Patrons of the Art – Walking tour